Vessel at Gloucester Harbour

gloucesterharbourA moored sailing vessel is bound to stay at Gloucester harbour. The sun illuminates the scene and some shadows are created in the pool.
Music for this pictures:
Gloucestershire Wassail by Traveller’s Dream


Furness Abbey

furness2 [1600x1200]Furness Abbey was founded as early as in 1124 but was left to ruins after 1537. Although not much is left of this once impressive abbey I liked the scenery with the old canal looking towards the forest and the old abbey.

I’ve got a good contrast music here, how about some ambient progressive rock?
Furness Abbey – In the Vale of the Deadly Nightshade – Dissolution


Blue and clear water can be found at Iona, the small holy iisland near Mull in Scotland. Close to this island which provides a nice small abbey you can also find famous “Fingal’s Cave” which Mendelssohn turned into very nice music:

The original photograph is here: