A view of Worcester

worcesterviewPassing Worcester twice a day on my journey to Hereford I realized that you’ve got a splendid view on the town from the train. I missed this view on the first journey so made sure to catch it on the way back.
Still I should add that the weather was perfect for this day, I managed to climb Hereford and Worcester Cathedral in one day and the views were amazing. I underlaid some textures by shadowhouse creations to give it a vintage look.


Music for this picture:Worcester Cathedral Choir- Evening Hymn Balfour Gardiner


View of Ludlow

LudlowDuring the following weeks I am going to present you my most current artwork. For this, I have selected a few photographs which I took during my Easter holidays on a tour through Middle England. Here I show you a fine lucky view of Ludlow with excellent ewather conditions. The town is situated in a splendid area with hills surrounding the old town. A small path leads to this wonderful place, so please take a seat!
Music for this picture

Eric Whitacre: Cloudburst

Alkmaar, old scale


The canals of Alkmaar provide nice views of the old town, including the architectural gem of the old Scale (Waag) with its nice market place for selling the famous cheese.

Music for this picture:Inessa Galante, Pergolesi:Se Tu M’ami(also an old film about alkmaar)

Descending Montsegur

Montfort [1600x1200]Ascending the kathar castle of montsegur in the French Pyrenees is very exhausting and takes a while, but the views along the way are magnificent, the castle is not very special, however, the village is remote and thus gives you a feeling of being lost in time…

Music (and nice pictures)::MONTSÉGUR – Original Fingerstyle Music, by Luca