Tewkesbury Abbey Mill

tewkesbury2A stroll just outside the old town of Tewkesbury led me to this small lawn with a nice relaxing view of the Severn canal across the old abbey mill. YOu cannot see the abbey itself because it’s hidden behind the tree, but the light was on the weir anyway and I wanted to put a focus on the water and the grass. Maybe i could have stepped a bit to the left, though, however I think that the hidden mill can be a riddle to solve because you might WANT to see what’s behind.

Music for this picture:When David Heard (Weelkes) — Tewkesbury Abbey Schola Cantorum


Cornell Bookshop Tewkesbury

tewkesburyantiquariatYes, Tewkesbury has many fine places, so you can expect to find more pictures of it here the next weeks. Cornell Bookshop is placed in an old pub so there is plenty of space to place the old books ins the several shelves.
The owner had kindly allowed me to take this picture.
Music for this picture:
‘the you when you were new’ by brynley thomas

Tewkesbury Behind Bushes

tewkesbury01The gate in the background connects the area of Tewkesbury Abbey with the older part of the town. The connection is linked by some bushes and makes you wonder what you will find in there. Tensions is created and your adventure of visiting the town is yet to start!
Music for this picture:Thomas Weelkes: O Jonathan.