Portobello Waves

edincoastMy soul moves like the stormy sea
in tides of hope and sorrow
my feelings are the waves to be
washed on the shores on the morrow.

What is left in the sand of my life
is cleansed of hardship and vanity
is unburdened of mind and of strife
and left to the winds of profanity.

Floating vessels are toys of my mind
are shipping in the distance of question
the birds in the sky with their music so kind
give peace to my heart’s digression.

Music for this picture:Michele McLaughlin – The North Sea

Huntly Castle

huntley [1600x1200]After visiting Kildrummy, I made my way to other castles such as Huntly in Aberdeenshire. It is a ruin but still worth a visit because many fine stone carvings of the facade and the covings of the fireplaces still exist. THis photographic painting shows tha back of the castle with a place for distilling beer.

Music:Cecila McDowall “Regina Coeli”

Kildrummy Castle

kildrummy2 [1600x1200]Normannic similarity and unusual architecture offers serene Kildrummy Castle in East Scotland, close to some other fine castles. It’s a bit off track but walking is fine in these parts. Here I focused on the mowed lawn and the different kinds of clouds.You can still see the merging line for this panorama.
Music:Mighty Ghosts: “Aberdeen”