Kenilworth Castle

kenilworth02The sun was in my back and small patches of blue were arriving but the sky over the castle was still grey when I arrived at Kenilworth Castle. So I used the outer circumstances to remove the sky completely and to create a focus on the castle whereas I still left some patches of brown on the path to emphasize the earthen surface.It might make a good desktop background, so if you like it feel free to rightclick and save it!

Music for this picture:”Red House” played by Blues Extra

Edzell Castle


castle3 [1600x1200]This is a view of Edzell Castle, situated between Aberdeen and Dundee in Scotland. It has a 17th century walled garden with carved panels and which was replanted in the 1930ies. Not much is left of the former village around this fortified country house.
Music for this picture:
MacGregor, Brechin & Ă“hEadhra”French Canadian Set”

Descending Montsegur

Montfort [1600x1200]Ascending the kathar castle of montsegur in the French Pyrenees is very exhausting and takes a while, but the views along the way are magnificent, the castle is not very special, however, the village is remote and thus gives you a feeling of being lost in time…

Music (and nice pictures)::MONTSÉGUR – Original Fingerstyle Music, by Luca

Huntly Castle

huntley [1600x1200]After visiting Kildrummy, I made my way to other castles such as Huntly in Aberdeenshire. It is a ruin but still worth a visit because many fine stone carvings of the facade and the covings of the fireplaces still exist. THis photographic painting shows tha back of the castle with a place for distilling beer.

Music:Cecila McDowall “Regina Coeli”