Limburg Cathedral

limburg [1600x1200]On the old bridge I was standing
looking towards the cathedral mighty
the patron saint was not demanding
for me some help by the almighty
but as the river flows
as every prayer goes
towards the sea, towards the sky
I keep my hope notwithstanding.

Music for this picture:Waterfall (Jon Schmidt Original) – ThePianoGuys

Inside Limburg Cathedral

limburg2 [1600x1200]This view was taken inside Limburg Cathedral. The interior is completely set in Baroque while the outside is basically romanic.

Music for this picture:Hammerschmidt: Machet die Tore weit


ville [1600x1200]Lagrasse belongs officially to the most beautiful villages in southern France, an old stone bridge crosses the river Orbieu, in the background you see the tower of abbey St. Marie .

A nice video with relaxing traditional music can be watched here: