Vessel at Gloucester Harbour

gloucesterharbourA moored sailing vessel is bound to stay at Gloucester harbour. The sun illuminates the scene and some shadows are created in the pool.
Music for this pictures:
Gloucestershire Wassail by Traveller’s Dream


St. Paul’s at Night

stpaulsIs it a drawing or did my ink crystallize when I finished this piece of art? You decide and make up your mind. Whatever it may be the focus is laid on the illuminated cupola while the northern entrance is of different colour and function.It’s too sad that you must not take any photos inside!
Music for this picture:There’s a wideness in God’s Mercy.


collioure5 [1600x1200]The light tower of Collioure has an unusual shape and the fortress built by Vauban is very impressive, especially if you walk around its high walls. The hills surrounding the town offer splendid views.

Music for this picture:Fanfare De Rue – LEs Pickles