Inside Gloucester Cathedral

gloucester02Gloucester’s Cathedral is one of my favourite in England, though I admit it’s hard to make a decision. The music for this picture is something special. HAve you ever heard of Trond Kverno? No? Then listen to his “Ave Maris Stella”. When I attended Evensong (which is always worth doing) there was a choir from Oslo, Norway visiting and performed the Evensong with some of his pieces.


St. Jakub, Olsztyn

allenstein [1600x1200]

The old gothic vault and the impressive walls made of bricks are very impressive in Olsztyn’s (Allenstein) St. Jakub church. THe town has a small old city, still with many interesting other places like a Teutonic Order Castle.I was lucky because the church was nicely illuminated when I visited it, especially the small Ikon of Mary drew my attention.

Music for this picture:

O Stworzycielu Duchu

Inside Holy Rude

stirlingchurch [1600x1200]The wooden interior and the light in the choir benches impressed me very much when I had the opportunity to visit Holy Rude church in Stirling two years ago. I admire the Brish choral music very much, I always get the chills listening to a choir in such a church.

Listen To John Rutter’s “A gaelic Blessing”: