Portrush Harbour


Vessel at Gloucester Harbour

gloucesterharbourA moored sailing vessel is bound to stay at Gloucester harbour. The sun illuminates the scene and some shadows are created in the pool.
Music for this pictures:
Gloucestershire Wassail by Traveller’s Dream

Port Charlotte

portcharlotte2 [1600x1200]Port charlotte is an old fihser port on Islay with an old, not working Whisky distillery. The houses are very nice, mostly painted white with coloured frames. The people are very kind ( I stayed in the Distillery House B&B owned by Graham and Marie-Ann, they explained me a lot about theculture and living conditions on Islay).

A speciality is Whisky marmalade with a hint of Scotch Peat! Delicate!

And there’s nothing better than the traditional live music:


Tarbert Harbour

tarbert [1600x1200]TArbert harbour in Scotland is famous for close connections to the islands of Arran and Islay, the houses are nicely coloured, the beer is tasty and the sea blue.

A Scottish composer, Sir Malcolm Arnold became famous for his expressive music, here I recommend “Tam O’Shanter, Ouverture:

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