Bowstreet Edinburgh

bowstreet [1600x1200]The famous Bowstreet in Edinburgh edited as oil on canvas painting at night and as HDR.

This is also painting No. 50 which I’ve published here. Thanks to all the likers and followers! I appreciate your support very much!

Falkirk Castle

Castle [1600x1200]A court in Falkirk Castle. This is one of my older digital painting, no hdr effect used here before retouching, so it’s a bit rougher.

Cairn o’Get

Cairn O'Get [1600x1200]The small villages in northern Scotland are situated in an ancient rural landscape. Cairn O’Get is an old stone grave near a stone age fort and dam. HEather blooms nicely in the landscape and you can take nice walks to the cliffs of Ulbster including the famous Whaligoe Steps.