St. Paul’s from the South Banks

londonpierThe Eastern Wind was blowing

along the Southern Banks

the lanterns were in glowing

the plates laid fine in ranks


St. Paul’s cathedral’s light

shone through the modern buildings

I walked the banks this night

and watched the lighted gildings.


Music for this picture:St Pauls Cathedral Choir: God So Loved The World by John Stainer

Hereford Cathedral

hereford01The citizens of either town won’t like to hear it but I find that Hereford and Worcester are very similar.
Both cathedrals are placed finely near rivers and you can walk on the banks to have such fine views, especially when the underbrush is cut away like this.
Music for this picture:
Long the Night (arr. Massey) — Hereford Cathedral Choir

A view of Worcester

worcesterviewPassing Worcester twice a day on my journey to Hereford I realized that you’ve got a splendid view on the town from the train. I missed this view on the first journey so made sure to catch it on the way back.
Still I should add that the weather was perfect for this day, I managed to climb Hereford and Worcester Cathedral in one day and the views were amazing. I underlaid some textures by shadowhouse creations to give it a vintage look.

Music for this picture:Worcester Cathedral Choir- Evening Hymn Balfour Gardiner

Inside Gloucester Cathedral

gloucester02Gloucester’s Cathedral is one of my favourite in England, though I admit it’s hard to make a decision. The music for this picture is something special. HAve you ever heard of Trond Kverno? No? Then listen to his “Ave Maris Stella”. When I attended Evensong (which is always worth doing) there was a choir from Oslo, Norway visiting and performed the Evensong with some of his pieces.


St. Paul’s at Night

stpaulsIs it a drawing or did my ink crystallize when I finished this piece of art? You decide and make up your mind. Whatever it may be the focus is laid on the illuminated cupola while the northern entrance is of different colour and function.It’s too sad that you must not take any photos inside!
Music for this picture:There’s a wideness in God’s Mercy.