Kenilworth Castle

kenilworth02The sun was in my back and small patches of blue were arriving but the sky over the castle was still grey when I arrived at Kenilworth Castle. So I used the outer circumstances to remove the sky completely and to create a focus on the castle whereas I still left some patches of brown on the path to emphasize the earthen surface.It might make a good desktop background, so if you like it feel free to rightclick and save it!

Music for this picture:”Red House” played by Blues Extra

View of Ludlow

LudlowDuring the following weeks I am going to present you my most current artwork. For this, I have selected a few photographs which I took during my Easter holidays on a tour through Middle England. Here I show you a fine lucky view of Ludlow with excellent ewather conditions. The town is situated in a splendid area with hills surrounding the old town. A small path leads to this wonderful place, so please take a seat!
Music for this picture

Eric Whitacre: Cloudburst