Pelgrom Museum Antwerpen


This is a rebuilt kitchen sccording to 1600 in the “Pelgrom” in Antwerp. The cellar is used as restaurant, the upper floor can be visited to catch an historic feeling.
Music:Jean Mouton:
Nesciens Mater


Gravensteen, Ghent at night

gentcastleBuilt in 1180 the Gravensteen in Gent was used as fortress,prison,factory and was sheduled to be demolished in the late 19th century. In 1885 the dungeon was restored and has been a museum ever since.

Wim Henderickx: Only Darkness And Shadows

In Mons


Mons in Belgium is situated on a steep hill, here I climbe the town centre with the old beltower in the back. The brickwork of the houses is very nice!

The process I use consists mostly of editing a photograph in different ways, using Photoshop Elements, Luminance, and Foto sketcher (of which the last two are freeware)