Frombork Castle

frombork2 [1600x1200]Nicolaus Kopernikus worked here and studied space. The KAthedral and surrounding castle is very spacious, too. Opposite to it is an old water tower from which you have this view of the castle.

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Max Reger- Toccata in d


St. Jakub, Olsztyn

allenstein [1600x1200]

The old gothic vault and the impressive walls made of bricks are very impressive in Olsztyn’s (Allenstein) St. Jakub church. THe town has a small old city, still with many interesting other places like a Teutonic Order Castle.I was lucky because the church was nicely illuminated when I visited it, especially the small Ikon of Mary drew my attention.

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O Stworzycielu Duchu

Branicki Palais Bialystok

bialystok [1600x1200]A visit of Eastern Poland led metrainwise to Bialystok with a small but pleasant old town centre and a quite huge Branicki-Palais. Today, part of the faculty of medicine of the university is placed here. It’s called the Versailles of Poland, however other palaces claim being that too.
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Wojciech Kilar Angelus cz. 3