Begijnhof Bruges

bruggebegijnhofThe Begijnhof in Bruges used to be a place for nuns or unmarried women to stay safe and to find a place for work and retreat.

Today it is still a calm nice place next to a fine canal

Music for this picture:Wouter BEck: Fujara piece

Alkmaar, old scale


The canals of Alkmaar provide nice views of the old town, including the architectural gem of the old Scale (Waag) with its nice market place for selling the famous cheese.

Music for this picture:Inessa Galante, Pergolesi:Se Tu M’ami(also an old film about alkmaar)




A sunset view of Naarden, Netherlands with the river in front. Naarden is a nice town with calm streets and a nice church still surrounded by fortified walls.

Music:Kampen Boys Choir – How lovely are thy dwellings, J.Brahms