collioure5 [1600x1200]The light tower of Collioure has an unusual shape and the fortress built by Vauban is very impressive, especially if you walk around its high walls. The hills surrounding the town offer splendid views.

Music for this picture:Fanfare De Rue – LEs Pickles

Carcassonne at Night

carcassonne2a [1600x1200]The shops are closed, the streets calm and empty, no tourist noise is heard and, if you are quiet enough, you can hear the nightfowl call.

Music for this picture:

Ensemble Doros- Russia: Notre Pere

Descending Montsegur

Montfort [1600x1200]Ascending the kathar castle of montsegur in the French Pyrenees is very exhausting and takes a while, but the views along the way are magnificent, the castle is not very special, however, the village is remote and thus gives you a feeling of being lost in time…

Music (and nice pictures)::MONTSÉGUR – Original Fingerstyle Music, by Luca


ville [1600x1200]Lagrasse belongs officially to the most beautiful villages in southern France, an old stone bridge crosses the river Orbieu, in the background you see the tower of abbey St. Marie .

A nice video with relaxing traditional music can be watched here: