Prison Break- I’m Off

towerprisonNo, I’m not exactly in prison, but I’ll be on holiday thge next few (four) weeks to Andalucia, so I won’t be able to upload any news for the next time.I promise to be back with new artwork from Spain so there’s something to look forward too!

Thanks to all my supporters, likers and followers, see you back here in place in August!

Music for this picture: Innsbruck, ich muss Dich lassen – Die Singphoniker


Lichfield Cathedral

lichfiely second last picture before I begin my journey to Andalucia on Friday, so I steal away, but will return soon with plenty of new material, and even maybe new ideas!I wish you all the best so far!

Sincere greetings especially to Sue,Rhak R’-Tumleh,Rick, Tim, Elmar,Hugo, Rune, Eva,Hilda, Julian,MArtin,Todd,Leo,Gustimbaldo,Craig, Glenn, Jack,Steve,Raymond,Phil,Lynden and Karen! I’ll try to keep track of your updates at least…

Music for this picture: Lichfield Gospel Choir Steal Away, Woyaya

MErton College, Oxford

oxfordmerton4If you get behind the old colleges of Oxford there’s still a lot to discover if you ask kindly. Of course it always helps if you find a friendly official who shows you around. So I got into the backyard of Merton College in Oxford with a glimpse towards the huge Merton Field.

Music for this picture:Merton College choir sings at Bridget Foys

A London Eye

londonriesenradThe London Eye dominates the city centre, you can even see it from the pond in St. James PArk looking to the West

Music for this picture: The London Community Gospel Choir – “His Eye Is On The Sparrow”

View of St. Laurence, Ludlow

ludlowgartenEntering Ludlow the first thing you see is the tall tower of St. Laurence. As this tower is an important landmark it is also a nice viewpoint to have a look at the surrounding hills.

Documentary for this picture:A Changing Church – 1199 to 2012 – St Laurence’s Church, Ludlow