Tewkesbury Behind Bushes

tewkesbury01The gate in the background connects the area of Tewkesbury Abbey with the older part of the town. The connection is linked by some bushes and makes you wonder what you will find in there. Tensions is created and your adventure of visiting the town is yet to start!
Music for this picture:Thomas Weelkes: O Jonathan.

Inside Gloucester Cathedral

gloucester02Gloucester’s Cathedral is one of my favourite in England, though I admit it’s hard to make a decision. The music for this picture is something special. HAve you ever heard of Trond Kverno? No? Then listen to his “Ave Maris Stella”. When I attended Evensong (which is always worth doing) there was a choir from Oslo, Norway visiting and performed the Evensong with some of his pieces.


St. Paul’s at Night

stpaulsIs it a drawing or did my ink crystallize when I finished this piece of art? You decide and make up your mind. Whatever it may be the focus is laid on the illuminated cupola while the northern entrance is of different colour and function.It’s too sad that you must not take any photos inside!
Music for this picture:There’s a wideness in God’s Mercy.

View of Ludlow

LudlowDuring the following weeks I am going to present you my most current artwork. For this, I have selected a few photographs which I took during my Easter holidays on a tour through Middle England. Here I show you a fine lucky view of Ludlow with excellent ewather conditions. The town is situated in a splendid area with hills surrounding the old town. A small path leads to this wonderful place, so please take a seat!
Music for this picture

Eric Whitacre: Cloudburst


collioure5 [1600x1200]The light tower of Collioure has an unusual shape and the fortress built by Vauban is very impressive, especially if you walk around its high walls. The hills surrounding the town offer splendid views.

Music for this picture:Fanfare De Rue – LEs Pickles

Begijnhof Bruges

bruggebegijnhofThe Begijnhof in Bruges used to be a place for nuns or unmarried women to stay safe and to find a place for work and retreat.

Today it is still a calm nice place next to a fine canal

Music for this picture:Wouter BEck: Fujara piece

Frombork Castle

frombork2 [1600x1200]Nicolaus Kopernikus worked here and studied space. The KAthedral and surrounding castle is very spacious, too. Opposite to it is an old water tower from which you have this view of the castle.

Music for this picture:

Max Reger- Toccata in d

Christ’s Resurrection Church Kaunas

kaunas3 [1600x1200]Built in 1941 but turned into a radio factory and only reopened in 1997 this fine church on a hill in Kaunas offers wide views of the city from its roof terrace.When I visited this church in 2012 it was decorated for a marriage. The flowers support the wide length of the nave, if you have a look at the walls you will see a modern Stations of the Cross.

Music for this picture:Sekme Lydes (V. Genyte)